how are you using your voice?

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday, here is one of my favorite TED talks.  Eric Whitacre is a composer who used the medium of the internet to conduct a choir of 2,000 voices from around the world.  This project and its resulting song is one of the most moving I’ve ever heard.  Listen to what he learned from it:

“So two things struck me deeply about this. The first is that human beings will go to any lengths necessary to find and connect with each other. It doesn’t matter the technology. And the second is that people seem to be experiencing an actual connection. It wasn’t a virtual choir. There are people now online that are friends; they’ve never met. But, I know myself too, I feel this virtual esprit de corps, if you will, with all of them. I feel a closeness to this choir — almost like a family.”

The beauty of a choir is in its celebration of each unique voice.  A great question to ask is, “How are you using your voice?”  Are you using it to give to and build something greater than you?


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