why you should visit your local used bookstore.

Recently, Amy and I visited TN and went to a favorite haunt of ours: McKay’s Used Books, CD’s and Movies.  There are three of them in TN and we went to both the Chattanooga AND Knoxville stores (if that tells you something of our fanaticism).  Their business model resembles a pawn shop – bring in your used media and receive cash or credit, which will always be the bigger return.  We planned for the trip and took a box of old books only to return with a new stash.  After our credit, we only spent about $20 for all of them!  Aside from Hedges and Watterson, this will all be new territory.  My reading queue grows…  I’ve linked them all to Amazon only because McKay’s doesn’t have an online store.  Otherwise, support your local used bookstore.

Here they are in no particular order: